Local Dive Clubs

Scuba divers can be found in every nook and cranny of the world. No matter where you are from, New Hampshire or South Africa, divers like to get together and hang out with other divers. Worldwide, scuba divers all share a similar interest – scuba diving.

The adventure sport of scuba diving is unlike anything else in the world, and once you don a BCD and regulator to explore the unknowns of the underwater world, you most likely will be hooked.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to live near diving locales or work in a dive shop in some remote tropical location like the Utila. It’s a bummer, but it’s true. Most people enjoy diving on vacation and dive less than one or two weeks every year.

Luckily, once people dive, they usually want to do it again and again. This love for diving is fantastic and needs to be shared. This is why places all over the world, near and far from water, have started local dive clubs.

Local dive clubs give people the opportunity to get together and share the diving lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if they are in Estonia or the Solomon Islands. People that like diving like to get together and relive their diving experiences.

It’s easy to find a dive club in your area. Do a “local dive club” search in Google. You’re bound to find dive clubs galore. Some may meet once a week and watch Jacques Cousteau movies. Others may go dive in local lakes on the weekends. Some may explore the closest reef, shipwreck, or cavern on the next long weekend. Some might have cool stickers, secret handshakes, or even gear discounts. Often they will arrange dive trips to places like Belize, Sipadan, or New Zealand that you can jump in on for a great rate, good times, and great adventures with your local dive friends.

If there is a dive club in your area, give them a phone call, shoot them an email, or visit their website and head to the next meeting. You’ll be surprised how many dive enthusiasts there are in this world. It’s no wonder why though. Diving is an amazing sport.

If you cannot find a local dive club near your home have no worries. It isn’t a problem. Join an online dive community like Scubaboard.com or if you’re a go-getter, you can even start your own dive club. The Underwater Society of America has a manual called “How To Form A Dive Club” available for purchase.

Or you could just put an add in the paper, head down to the closest dive shop with some flyers, or set up a webpage. There are bound to be other divers in your area. Set up a time to meet at your local community center or down by the lake, bring a bunch of old Sport Diver magazines, photos from your last dive, or just smiles and good conversation. See where it leads. Who knows, maybe you’ll be diving in the quarry down the road or on a reef in Mozambique with new friends in no time.

Dive clubs are a great way to create memories, encourage diving, and leave only bubbles. The best thing about local dive clubs is that they are local. You’ll be able to continue your dive education, enjoy the spirit of diving, and find new dive buddies. You can find, join, or start a dive club anywhere in the world. All you need is a love for diving.

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