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Helen is from Scotland. She came to Greece via an Athens agency and stayed in Athens for a year. There she met a Greek taxi driver and got married. They moved to Corfu and she now has an English teaching job in Greece.

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“I did not know my life would change that much. I wanted to come to Greece to teach English and have a vacation at the same time. I contacted an agency while in UK and they found me a school in Athens. They arranged everything for me, both my accommodation and work permit. I just sent them my degree – I’ve got a BA in History – and they had to do the rest. When I arrived in Athens I was met at the airport by a representative of the agency who took me to a hotel. The next morning I met the school owner and I moved into my new flat. It was a small flat near the school.

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The school was okay, the other teachers were friendly and I was shown what to do, the groups and the schedule. It was tiring at first but I got used to it. I worked 25 hours a week from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 in the evening. Sometimes I had to work more. I had lessons in the mornings as well. Then I had to work on Saturday mornings. I was not able to deny for the contract mentioned up to 30 hours per week. I eventually came across a cute taxi driver, fell in love and got married as soon as the academic year ended. Then we moved to Corfu where my husband’s family lived. I was able to find a temporary job at a local school and then a permanent job at a bigger school in town. When I had my first child I stayed at home and taught English to the kids of the neighborhood. Some teachers I know do this, but I prefer teaching in a school. I like teaching a class and going out. However, many of my friends teach small groups at home. In Greece you can certainly get a teaching job and have some decent income.”

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