Greece Work Permits

How about a work permit for teaching jobs in Greece?

If you get a job at a school your new employer will normally take you through the process of getting a work permit. On the other hand, agencies can arrange these things for you. However, if you wish to get a work permit yourself, you will need to follow certain bureaucratic procedures.

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The Greek government issues teaching permits. There is an application to be completed in the first instance. They will provide you with a list of documents you have to collect. Get these translated and stamped before you submit them to the proper ministry. You will need a certified translator to translate your degree certificate into Greek and have it officially stamped by him and your embassy. All this takes time and is costly. You will also need to have various medical checks, including a blood test, a psychiatric test and a chest X-ray. The medical tests must be done at any national hospital and the charge is very low (if you have arranged to work at a school, the school usually pays for it).

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All the documents you collect must have a formal stamp and your recent photo attached. When the procedure is complete, you submit the papers and wait. It can sometimes take up to three months before they send you the work permit. Apart from the work permit you also get a teaching permit (depending on the validity of the degree certificate you have sent them). In the mean time, you can start working at a school without missing the academic year. For each academic year, the deadline for all the documents to be submitted usually expires at the end of October.

To get more information on this issue, try ERMIS. To learn about visa requirements also try the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and contact the US embassy in Greece.

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