Greece Cost of Living

Greece is an economical place. The food is fresh and the transportation cheap. However, electricity and telephone bills are high. You can have lower telephone bills if you have a mobile phone or use a card phone, and your electricity bill won’t rise too much if you don’t leave the heating on for hours or forget to turn the lights off.

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If you wish to calculate an average cost of living in Greece, you should consider your personal lifestyle, since how much you spend and where depends on it. For example, food in Greece is cheap but if you want to eat original American food you pay more. Imported goods are higher priced and that applies to most gadgets and household appliances.

The cost of living has gone up lately but still, compared to America and much of the rest of Western Europe, Greece is considered an inexpensive country.

In tourist resorts such as Mykonos or Rhodes the cost of living is higher than in mainland cities such as Ioannina or Thessalonica. It all depends on the place you choose to live. Food is much cheaper on the mainland than on the islands. If you modify your eating habits and stick to the Mediterranean diet, which includes a lot of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish, you will save money and become healthier.

Luxury items such as cars can be avoided. Island roads will not be kind to a luxury car. Go for cheaper brands. If you are going to stay for a short time, a car rental company can serve you a lot better or you can even get a second hand car from a second hand car lot ( a ‘mandra’ in Greek). A small house or apartment within easy reach of your work is much better than a bigger house on the outskirts, even if it is cheaper, since you will spend time and money every day just travelling and parking a car. Avoid public transport if you can walk or cycle. Living in Greece can be the start of a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

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