English Schools in Greece

Where to Teach English in Greece

You can actually teach English almost everywhere in Greece. You have two options:

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To work as a freelancer.

Many English teaching jobs in Greece are held by so called freelancers. In this case you are free to decide what suits you. You can come to Greece as a tourist and travel around first before you make a decision. Once you decide where you would like to live, you can have a look at the local schools and give them your CV. If there is no position available you may search the next town/village closest to your place of interest.


You are in charge. You decide which place of Greece is suitable to your needs and which school caters to you. You are free to move next year wherever you like. School contracts usually last for a full academic year, that is, nine months. There are no extra fees – you get paid every month according to the legal payment rate that is set by the Greek Ministry of Education every year. To ensure your payment you should sign a relevant contract beforehand.

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You have to search on your own and find a suitable school. No one can guarantee you a position and you may not find what you are looking for. Some schools are not willing to pay IKA benefits to their employees or sign a contract. This matter should be discussed as early as possible.

To find an English language school in Greece before leaving your country.

This is what most people do. They contact an agency and then they are sent to a specific place in Greece. They let you know of the options available before you decide. They contact the schools and are the go between you and the school. They are responsible for the school recruitment. Some schools provide accommodation for the teachers as well. In this case, the agency will inform the teacher about the procedure and give them all the information needed.


This option is obviously the most convenient as the teachers do nothing but wait till a suitable position is available. Then they travel to Greece and have nothing to worry about. The teachers get paid and get their benefits. This is a clear cut option.


The teachers are not free to move to another place or school if they do not like their whereabouts.

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