An Australian Teaching English to Greeks

Rose is from Australia. She followed her boyfriend to Greece and settled down on a Greek island. After two years at a local school, she became partners with the owner and she is now running her own school in another district.

Odeon Theater in Athen Greece Photo

“I am amazed at how easily I was able to find a teaching job in Greece. My first interview was with a lady who owned a school on one of the Ionian islands. She offered me a post there and I would have accepted it if my partner had agreed. Actually, we lived in a village 40 kilometers away from the town center and I wouldn’t be able to travel every day back and forth. It wasn’t convenient for me so I declined this job. After searching the area we lived in I spotted a small school and I visited them. I got a job straight away! I couldn’t believe it!

I had to teach small groups of young kids, ages ranging from 5 to 16, and they were quite noisy at first. You know, Greek kids are very energetic, especially those who live in the villages, and they don’t study much. I had to invent ways to make them concentrate on lessons and learn. Eventually, I got a lot of help from the school owner, who was a nice old lady, and after some time everything was fine. One day my boss suggested we set up a second school in town and proposed me to run it. This time I had to move into town, so my partner and I found a flat and started the new business. I have not regretted my decision. I am still there, teaching my own students and I enjoy it.”

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