Greece Tourism

Once in Greece you can enjoy a lot of things during your free time, depending on the place you live. Visiting the sights is the most popular activity and then you can try water sports and visit the beaches in the summertime.

Greek Sightseeing

Odeon Theater in Athen Greece Photo

There are so many sights all over Greece that this activity will keep you busy for a long time! You can get books from the local bookshops and read about the local sights or ask local people to inform you about the best places to visit. If you live in Athens, visit the Acropolis, which is the most popular sight in Greece, and then the oracle of Delphi. If you live in the middle mainland, anywhere near Ioannina, visit Meteora which is a monastery perched on a cliff, and if you are in Peloponissos visit Olympia, the place the first Olympic Games took place which is certainly worth seeing. In Crete, go to Knossos to see the famous Minoan palace.

There is also a great number of museums you can visit and learn the culture of Greece, such as the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, or the Herakleion Archaeological Museum in Crete. If you live in Thessalonica, then visit the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. There are also smaller museums and Folklore museums in smaller areas that are worth visiting too.

Activities for Everybody

Greece is the ideal place to get involved in sport activities. Almost all the places in mountainous Greece cater to those who love hiking and winter sports, nature lovers, and families who love countryside. Horse riding and cycling are amongst the most popular sports in rural areas.

The islands offer visitors lovely beaches for sports like beach volley, water sports such as water skiing and a great number of games for all the family.

Scuba , snorkeling, and canoeing are only some of the activities available on the islands and sea resorts on the mainland. For eco-sensitive teachers, a trip to the lakes, the rivers and the natural habitat around them will be both educational and exciting. Nightlife is also one of the main attractions of Greece. Traditional bouzouki live music restaurants are almost everywhere, from the mainland to the smallest island.

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