The Disney Internship Program

In this internship interview you’ll learn what it’s like to intern for Disney. Learn what it’s like to intern with Disney with someone who has enjoyed the experience.

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What initially made you interested in an internship?

I wanted an internship because you could get a whole semester’s worth of credits for it plus make a little money. It was perfect for me, because I could have time for some night classes too and catch up with my credits. Otherwise, because I had failed a class in the past, I would have had to be in college and extra semester.

Why did you choose Disney?

I always loved Disney World, but didn’t realize they had an internship program. One day, though, they had an internship fair at my school and Disney was represented. I talked to the lady in charge and she got me an information packet and told me all about it. She was a Disney intern in the past and really inspired me to apply.

What were some of your duties at Disney?

I worked at Animal Kingdom on some of the safari rides. As an intern, I always had supervisors watching over me, but I really got to interact a lot with the crowd and that was a lot of fun. For a brief time, I also helped with the night crew doing maintenance.

Did you consider working there after your internship?

Actually, I did! My internship was in Spring 2006, and so I stayed in Orlando an additional three months and worked there over the summer. It was a great experience, and I only came back because I had to finish up with school. I will probably think about going back someday.

What were some of your best experiences?

Disney is a great community company. It was still a job, but everyone was like a family. We were all friends, especially me and the other interns. I was lucky enough to get Disney housing, so that was the added bonus.

What were some of your worst experiences?

I think it is the same thing you find at any internship – dealing with jobs that aren’t so fun, since you’re the lowest employee and handling people who think that you should just do everything for them. Some of the guests at Disney World made me angry, but I guess you get that in the hospitality industry, especially as an intern.

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