On-site Intern Living Arrangements

Most of the time, internships are like typical jobs. You will probably live on campus, unless you’re a commuter student. At the end of the day, though, your internship is just a part of your education, with you spending time in class as well. Sometimes, though, there are on-site living options for internships.

Fish jumping from full bowl to empty bowl

These programs, usually sponsored by the college, send you to a city, such as Washington D.C. or New York. Foreign options might also be available.

For the semester – or year in some cases – you’ll live in the city, usually in a building or house with others who are also in your college’s internship program. If this is the case, your internship is your prime education for the semester. You might also be required to take a few night classes, but usually the primary focus of your semester is your 40-hour internship.

Some companies also offer internship programs where you live on-site and work full-time for the semester or year. The most popular and well known of these opportunities is the Disney internship. Companies use these programs to recruit full-time workers after graduation.

Most on-site interships aren’t typically paid positions. However, the job isn’t completely unpaid either. Usually, you get a stipend. Stipends are set amounts of money that you’re given either weekly, monthly, or upfront for the entire time you’re part of the internship. In most cases, stipends are quite low, so you may want to get an additional part-time paying job if you have the time. Stipends are basically meant to cover your rent and utilities costs.

There are perks to these kinds of corporate programs, though. In general, you’ll get a lot of experience because you’ll be really immersed in the job. You’re also more likely to be offered a job after graduation. Your employer may also pay for things like transportation and parking, and on top of that, since you’re part of a program, you’ll often get to be a part of special events planned by the coordinators.

The other plus to on-site living programs is that they’re established internship options. The employers know what they need to help you graduate, and they understand your training needs and experience level. Keep in mind, though, that exclusive programs like these are extremely competitive. Apply early and make sure that you send out a great resume.


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