Internship Search Tips

How to Find Internship Opportunities

You can’t reap the benefits from an internship if you can’t find one. You have to know where to search. Internships are extremely competitive, but to even be considered in the first place, you have to find the opportunities. Luckily, many of the internships available to you will be highly advertised, but in some cases, you really have to hunt for news about openings.

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First, check with the head of your department. Even if this person isn’t the one in charge of internships for the college or your major, he or she will often hear of opportunities before everyone else. Sometimes, if you tell them what kind of job interests you in your field, they can even call in favors with professional friends.

Schools are often contacted with internship options…but you can also find them separately through other websites. Checking out the internship database can help you find a job in your college area, as well as in a location in the country. That way, you aren’t limited to a list of internships if you are moving somewhere else for the summer.

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You can also find internships directly from the companies offering them. Most companies advertise their internship programs. However, if you go to their company website or call to ask about opportunities, they might have some openings. In fact, sometimes, you can convince a company to take you on as an intern, even if they hadn’t previously intended on offering an internship.

If you have a job in your field of study, you might be able to convert that job to an internship. It may simply be a matter of filling out some paperwork or having your employer sign off on your hours. This is often a great option for workers, since you already have the job without competing with others for the opportunity. Not every job will qualify, but if you work in a related industry, it might be possible.

Lastly, you can look for an internship right at your own college. Many professors take on assistants and student teachers. Some offices also hire students, so you could be able to get an internship working for student life or the gym if it relates to your major. Not all jobs on campus can become internships. In general, the job has to relate to your major, giving you skills you can use in your job after college.

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