Internships with Microsoft

An internship at Microsoft offers college students the opportunity to work on real assignments that give them some hands-on experience, and a pay check, too. Internships usually last for 12 weeks at the company’s office in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft hires interns to work in the following departments:

Female Intern Working on Computer
  1. Explore Microsoft (summer program for freshmen and sophomores)
  2. Finance
  3. Human Resources
  4. IT/Operations
  5. Legal
  6. Marketing
  7. Sales
  8. Software and Hardware Development
  9. Technical Consulting/Services
  10. User Experience

Working as an Intern at Microsoft

If you are accepted for a student internship at Microsoft, you get treated very well as part of the deal. Along with subsidized housing during your internship period, the company pays for your water and cable bills. It even provides funding for house cleaning services!

Other extras for interns include:

  1. Free bus pass
  2. Free training
  3. Health club membership
  4. Paid travel to Microsoft
  5. Parties and special events
  6. Shipping reimbursement
  7. Software discounts
  8. Subsidized car rental or bike purchase plan

While participating in the internship program, you will be assigned to a particular work group. Interns will have the opportunity to interact with employees from other departments during their time with the company.

Internships are not limited to U.S. citizens only. The company will consider all qualified candidates, regardless of the individual’s citizenship or visa status. Most of the opportunities are available in Redmond, Washington, or Silicon Valley. There may be internships offered in Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Texas.

Microsoft Internships in Australia and New Zealand

The Microsoft Australia and New Zealand Internship program is offered to recent graduates. People hired for these opportunities focus their work in one area instead of rotating through different departments at the company.

Once the work term has been completed, the company doesn’t guarantee an offer of a full-time job, but interns are considered for any openings for which they are qualified.

Microsoft interns working in Australia usually work out of the Sydney office. In some cases, they will be asked to work in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne or Perth. Applicants located in all parts of these countries will be considered. The company does not pay for relocation costs, though.

How to Apply for an Internship at Microsoft

Interested candidates can apply for internship opportunities by going to the Microsoft Internships page of the Microsoft website. Click on the area you are interested in learning more about to find out about the kinds of internship positions available at Microsoft. Once you find an opportunity you are interested in, you apply online. A Windows Live ID is required to access the online system.

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