Work For a Cruise Line

So you’ve decided you want to pursue a job working for a cruise line. You’ve considered all the pros and cons of shipboard life, investigated the different types of jobs available, both onshore and off shore, and you’ve made your decision.

Applying for Cruise Ship Positions can be Scary, We'll Give you Our Recommendations on How to Secure the Job

Now it’s time to dive into the choppy (yet navigable) waters of cruise line hiring.

Cruise lines receive thousands of applications every week. The desks of personnel managers and department heads are often cluttered with resumes that never get a second look. It’s obvious though, that some people get hired. So what makes the difference? We talked to a number of experts in the business and found that hiring practices vary widely among cruise lines. Your chances of getting hired depend a lot on when you apply, your qualifications, current openings, persistence, and timing.

There are a number of things any future cruise ship employee can do to increase the chances of getting a job. Regardless of the differences in hiring methods among cruise lines, job hunting tactics like developing a solid resume, researching the industry, and applying to different employers may increase your chances of landing a job.

Having a solid resume is the corner stone of applying to any job. Before applying to any openings put together a professional resume indicating your cruise ship workplace photoeducation, skills, and professional experience. We suggest pooling the skills you’ve obtained from other jobs and presenting them on your resume in a way that will appeal to a cruise ship job. For example, if you’ve had retail job experience this primes you for a position as a gift shop employee. It has also provided you with experience working with people and in providing customer service.

These are areas of your resume that should be stressed when applying for a cruise ship job because it shows you have experience in areas that will benefit the ship.

We recommend listing any hotel or hospitality work you may have had in addition to jobs that relate directly to cruise ship employment. This includes, organizational skills, working with people, customer service, bartending experience, serving experience, working as a host or hostess, and business education. Also focus on a solid work history and professional references. If you are a first time applicant, don’t worry.

Some people with no prior cruise ship experience are able to find positions by focusing on skills they’ve acquired in previous jobs that can be applied to working on a cruise ship.

Another way to improve your chances of working onboard a cruise ship is to apply early and apply often. By preparing yourself and applying to a number of different ships you will increase your chances of procuring a job. Also, don’t be discouraged if you can’t find a job your first time out. Competition for jobs can be quite fierce. Keep applying is line of work is something you’re passionate about!

Cruise ship applicants should also be ready for last minute responses. It isn’t uncommon for a cruise line to need staff a week before its ship leaves port. While this gives little time for preparation, dedicated employees jump at the chance.

These tips will help you in your search for cruise ship employment. Remember to prepare yourself by learning all you can about the cruise ship industry before applying. Our pages on specific cruise ship jobs and the cruise industry are a great way to start.

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