Build a Clientele For Your Studio

When you start teaching yoga, several factors – your location, teaching staff, marketing and pricing – all work together to attract students. Whether or not these students keep coming back for your classes, however, is more up to you than you might think. There are several practical ways you can try to convert visitors to your studio into regular members of a yoga community that can grow there.

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One of these ways is by making your studio collaborative. Approaching the yoga studio business as strictly owner-run and operated can spell a recipe for disaster, as one San Francisco yoga studio found out firsthand. This studio owner changed his studio class schedule without notifying any of his current loyal student base. His students and staff both expressed some very negative feelings about the fact that he did not communicate his decision with any of them before following through with it.

Operating a collaborative yoga studio involves communicating regularly with your staff and students. It is a good idea to create an email list of your students and check with them about key issues your studio faces on a regular basis. Ask for your students’ and staff members’ opinions about what is and is not working well in your studio and try to make changes accordingly.


Another way to build and maintain your clientele is by being confident in the value of the yoga-related services you are offering the community. It is important for you to be fully convicted about what you are doing from the bottom of your heart, as this will shine through to and help you attract and sustain your student base. You will need to continually communicate the message of your yoga studio to your staff and students, so make sure you know what values you stand for and have the awareness and confidence to continue reinforcing who you are and what you stand for.

Student Relationships

Getting to know your students is one of the best ways to build and maintain your student following. Even after you have run your studio for some time, it is a good idea to personally sit at the front desk to say hello to those who walk in and see how your studio offerings are meeting their needs. There is nothing quite like knowing the names of students when they arrive at your studio. Having a real relationship with your students over a long period of time can help them to keep coming back.

Even though it might feel like there are so many other things you have to accomplish in order to sustain your studio, make spending time interacting with your students at the front desk a priority. Be available to answer questions and address any concerns your students and staff members present to you. Simply sitting at the front desk a great deal and having your teachers be available to answer student concerns outside of class can go a long way in helping your students feel as though your yoga studio is another home for them.
Be sure to hire yoga teachers who can fulfill your mission.

As you get to know and create deep and meaningful bonds with the people who frequent your studio, you will also probably find that the benefits of doing so will extend far beyond the sustainability and success of the studio. You will be able to create a rewarding and rich community of friends.

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