Corporate Yoga Jobs

Many successful yoga teachers balance their income from multiple sources – from the various studios they teach in to gyms, private classes and other sources. One of the most lucrative of these “other sources” is teaching in corporations. While teachers could make as little as $30 per class in yoga studios and local gyms, corporations can pay at least $125 per session. Workshops and other specially designed class session can pay you even more. See the yoga teacher pay page for information.

Yoga Students in Yoga Class

The actual financial reward you could derive from teaching yoga in corporations will depend on the type of arrangement you make in addition to the economic health of the company. Corporations with abundant financial resources, like Apple, Microsoft and Google pay for ongoing yoga classes to keep their employees healthy, motivated and productive. Google, for example, provides several weekly yoga classes before work, during lunch hours and after work.

Think Outside the Box

Though yoga is certainly gaining popularity in large corporations, it is a good idea to think outside of the box when seeking corporate yoga jobs. Many successful yoga teachers take opportunities to teach yoga in the workplace – any workplace – not just in specific corporations. You could teach classes in doctor’s offices, small law firms, 501c3 nonprofit organizations and elementary schools.

Some yoga teachers even provide one-time services that end up becoming quite profitable. New York-based Balance Integration founder Tevis Trower, for example, designed a recorded meditation for a company that was going through cost-cutting, restructuring and layoffs. The project was a lucrative one-time effort that was scalable for the company as well.
How about working on a cruise ship as a yoga teacher? The jobs are there.


Depending on the company you teach for and what you are able to offer, yoga classes could be counted as an employee benefit, with the company paying for the service. In other company situations, employee themselves might organize classes in their firm and pay you directly for them.


When considering corporate yoga jobs, it is important to keep in mind the unique challenges involved with them. One consideration is the location of your yoga class. While larger companies might have fitness areas meant for exercising, smaller ones might hold yoga classes in conference rooms or lunch halls. If you decide to teach for a smaller company where this is the case, be prepared to stack conference tables and roll chairs out of the room each time you teach a class.

Students also have less time in the workplace, which means they might arrive late for classes and have trouble focusing due to the demands of their particular job role.

Strategies for Corporate Yoga Jobs

It is also important to consider the fact that corporate yoga classes could start out fairly small, but can grow over time. It is helpful to seek out employee support for your yoga classes by asking students to spread the word about your services to other employees of the company. A good strategy for welcoming new corporate yoga students is to email them to say hello, see if they have any questions about yoga and offer to address any concerns they might have.

It is also essential to monitor the employees’ progress and attitudes through designing anonymous surveys. Being able to measure the impact of your yoga classes can help companies understand how valuable an investment yoga is for the workplace, which can help you continue to work in different companies.

Marketing Materials

To get corporate yoga jobs, you should invest in marketing materials like a website and brochure outlining the benefits of your yoga classes for employees. Examples of relevant benefits for corporate employees could be that it helps relieve headaches and repetitive stress injury (RSI). For high stress job settings, outlining the way yoga helps you breathe, release tension in your shoulders and back, focus better and maintain a positive attitude and mood can be helpful.

Beyond possible financial rewards, corporate yoga jobs can help you develop a wider yoga community and provide a valuable service to people who experience a great deal of stress and even depression. Work is one of the ultimate methods of self-expression, which makes teaching yoga in the workplace a great way to help unlock the potential of people from many different walks of life.

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