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Break into the beauty industry as a cosmetologist, makeup artist, or model. Each industry has many specialized niches, enabling almost anyone to find a place.

If you’re not cut out to model, maybe you can be an agent or a photographer. Is the idea of cutting hair unappealing? Then consider becoming a nail technician or a salon owner. JobMonkey details all kinds of employment in the beauty industry and new positions are posted daily!

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Cosmetology Jobs

Work as a cosmetologist in a spa or salon. Learn about cutting hair, styling, hair colorist, esthetician jobs. Tips for success and job listings.

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Modeling Jobs

Discover how to become a fashion model. Advice to help you find a niche in modeling. Job search advice and position overviews.

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Makeup Jobs

Become a professional makeup artist. Learn about makeup jobs in many industries. Includes training and education advice, job listings.

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Nail Technician Jobs

Specialize in the cosmetology industry as a nail technician. Jobs available almost anywhere! Exercise your artistic talents. Learn how.

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Fashion Photographer Jobs

Join the exclusive fashion photographer club. Conduct photo shoots for magazines, calendars, and online publications.

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Animal Groomer Jobs

Work your magic as a pet groomer. Turn your love of animals and grooming talents into a full-time career. Learn how to get started.

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