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It’s often said that educators are underpaid and under appreciated. This might explain why there are more open employment opportunities than qualified applicants.

JobMonkey shines a spotlight on education jobs at home and overseas, from classroom teaching positions to conversational English jobs in Asia and Europe. Search through new listings for the ideal job. Also, peruse interesting content that includes job descriptions, lists of helpful resources, and job search advice.

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Jobs in Schools

Work in education as a teacher, administrator, or staff member. Detailed job profiles, pay info, career paths, and job search advice.

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ESL and TESL Jobs

Teach English as a Second Language (ESL). Our TESL info includes what to expect, certification requirements, and job search tips.

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English Teaching Abroad

Native speakers of English can make great money teaching in Japan, S. Korea, China, and in some European countries. Learn how!

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Snow Sports Instructor

If you’re passionate about skiing and snowboarding, become an instructor! Thousands of winter jobs with good pay, perks. We show you how.

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Life Coach Jobs

Create your own business as a life coach. Help people develop strategies for succeeding in life. Advice from an accomplished vet!

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Martial Arts Jobs

Turn your martial arts skills into a money-making job! Become an instructor – we offer tips to help you get started.

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