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The entertainment industry is hiring all over the world. You don’t have to be “the talent” to make your mark either! The truth is that employers need interns, administrators, writers, technicians, producers, and many others to make their shows happen.

JobMonkey features thousands of new job listings with the entertainment industry’s top employers. Plus, we profile positions, offer job search advice, and more. Get started with the resources below!

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Music and Film Jobs

Have you dreamed of an exciting career in music or film? We detail top opportunities and list job openings from around the world.

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Be on Reality TV

Discover the secrets of becoming a reality TV or game show contestant. Application tips, interviews, and overview of the industry.

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Broadcast Jobs

Learn about radio and TV broadcast careers – on-air and post-production jobs. Audio engineering, script writing, producing, directing.

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Dance Jobs

Become a show dancer! An expert tells you about the jobs and how to break into the dance industry.

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Cruise Ship Entertainer Jobs

Cruise lines stage elaborate productions on their ships. Singers, dancers, and production staff are in high demand.

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Makeup Artist Jobs

Work in the entertainment industry as a makeup artist. Learn what training you’ll need and where to look for these opportunities.

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