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Since the late 1800s radio has enabled us to communicate more easily and effectively across the world, allowing us to keep up to date with news, and listen to speeches, radio plays, music and more. Today, radio is an international medium for expression, with musicians, radio DJ’s, newsreaders, and more using the radio waves as a career launching platform.

Television similarly started out as a way for the world to come together as one. The history of broadcast TV takes us back to 1928, where the images where still just silhouetted. Eventually, people were able to watch the landing on the moon, Vietnam, and all the other major events in history throughout the world. We have been captivated by network TV shows, reality television programs such as Survivor and Amazing Race, music concerts, and many other live TV broadcasts.

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Radio and television jobs are fascinating to be involved in and there are various options you have to start off in the radio and TV industry. Most of the radio and television jobs will see you working in a studio or on a set of sorts and most of the time, you will be subjected to long hours. In this kind of business, passion is the key to success, with a love for radio and TV.

Entertainment is one of the elements where you can excel, or you can be involved in bringing breaking news to the public. Whatever your career goal is, it can more than likely be achieved with broadcasting jobs – whether TV, radio or Internet radio.

Quick Fact: The first live TV broadcast in the United States took place in September of 1951 when President Harry Truman spoke at the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference.

All Kinds of Broadcasting Job Opportunities

The capabilities of television programming have allowed the world to be a part of every major news story since then as it happens with the help of the people that are employed as sound engineers, technicians, cameramen, reporters, news anchors, producers and directors.

Without these people behind the scenes running the show, we would not have live TV broadcasts or direct radio.

Likewise, without the TV show producers, quality script writing, actors, special effects teams and other crew members, we would not be able to watch the wonderful, fictional TV dramas, comedies, action and science fiction shows for our entertainment. Radio and TV careers are difficult to get and require a large amount of dedication, training, and determination, but once you do get a job in the radio of TV business, you will soon see that you are part of a bigger picture that brings enjoyment, information, recreation and knowledge to everyone all over the world. You will be creating a new history of broadcast TV and radio everyday.

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