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Everyone deserves to find a cool job or unique career that will make them smile. If you’re ready to find your dream job, take advantage of JobMonkey’s comprehensive job guides that allow you to explore the coolest jobs on Earth.

We know these last four years were challenging years for everyone, but 2024+ is looking much better. All signs point to a continuation of the huge hiring boom for many of the cool industries we cover. It is time to start getting cool experiences again, and you can do it through many of the jobs on JobMonkey!

Whether you’re researching cool jobs or applying for seasonal jobs, JobMonkey is always your cool and seasonal jobs headquarters. Are you ready to discover the wonderful world of cool jobs? Everything you need to know about cool jobs, summer jobs, and seasonal jobs is all just a click away.

Check out these job options:

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Cool Jobs

Not all jobs are created equal! Some are way cooler than others (for real). At JobMonkey we bring cool opportunities to light.

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Seasonal & Summer Jobs

You’ve come to the right place for summer jobs and other seasonal positions. Check out summer camp jobs, ski resort listings, and more.

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High Salary Jobs

To earn a big paycheck you don’t necessarily need a college degree. We’ve uncovered high paying positions accessible to a wide range of people.

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Entry-Level Jobs

Itching to break into a hot industry but don’t know how? Fortunately, there are internships and entry-level jobs in almost every industry.

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Odd & Unusual Jobs

This is JobMonkey’s Unique Jobs Section, where you’ll find employment opportunities ranging from digging dinosaur bones and interpreting to photographing models.

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Transport Jobs

If you love being on the go, then hop into the transportation industry. Whether it’s air travel, trucking, or rail, these industries are hiring.

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Overseas Employment

Whether you want to teach English or ski lessons, there are plenty of opportunities to work abroad. Check out  job opportunities from around the world – paid or volunteer.

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Sports & Fitness Jobs

Among the most highly desirable jobs are those in athletics and fitness. Get started with your employment research and job search right here on JobMonkey.

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Beauty Industry Jobs

Break into the beauty industry as a cosmetologist, makeup artist, or model. Each industry has many specialized niches, enabling almost anyone to find a place.

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Entertainment Jobs

The entertainment industry is hiring all over the world. You don’t have to be “the talent” to make your mark either! The truth is that employers need interns, administrators, writers, technicians, producers…

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Energy Industry Jobs

The world is hungry for power. Whether that energy comes from oil and gas or from wind, solar, or other sources – there’s a global demand for energy. Consequently, there are always jobs available!

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Seagoing Jobs

Use JobMonkey to find employment on cruise ships, commercial fishing boats, workboats, freighters, and other types of vessels. Beyond that we cover the diving industry too!

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Public Safety & Gov't Jobs

Protect and serve! You can do one or the other – or both – in the public sector and public safety employment niches. There is an ongoing shortage of workers, which has created an unprecedented number of job openings.

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Education Employment

JobMonkey shines a spotlight on education jobs at home and overseas, from classroom teaching positions to conversational English jobs in Asia and Europe. Search through new listings for the ideal job.

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Medical Employment

The medical industry is vast, with jobs ranging from patient care and hospital administration to technology. Employers have an ongoing need for qualified applicants!

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