National Cosmetology Association

The professional organization for licensed cosmetologists in the United States is the National Cosmetology Association or NCA. Besides the benefit of belonging to the cosmetology industry’s professional organization, another positive associated with NCA membership is access to programs which help cosmetologists attend NCA sponsored hair shows and events. NCA also provides tools to enhance a cosmetologist’s career, such as free publications to help members stay up to date on trends, as well as sponsorship of local, national, and international competitions which allow NCA members to showcase their talent among their peers.

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NCA also promotes professionalism in the salon and a positive image among consumers through legislative leadership. According to the NCA website, some of the legal issues supported by the organization include ongoing requirements for licensure of all salon professionals; various state regulations that promote salon safety and sanitation; fair and reasonable taxation of salons and individual cosmetologists; requirements for mandatory continuing education for re-licensure of cosmetologists; and the provision to utilize funding from license revenue to support salon inspections and the enforcement of state regulations.

Cosmetologists who are serious about their career and keeping their skills sharp and up to date take advantage of as many opportunities for continuing education as they can. Not only do some states require continuing education hours for re-licensure, but in order to stay on track and motivated in this fast-paced and changing industry, successful cosmetologists consider continuing education to be a must to learn about new trends, techniques, and industry regulations.

The most popular (and entertaining) way in which cosmetologists find out about new products and trends within their industry is by attending a hair show. These events, which are often sponsored by wholesale beauty suppliers, usually feature a trade show which showcases new products as well as educational sessions in which platform artists demonstrate new techniques and products. These events are hosted locally, nationally, and even internationally.

For cosmetologists who prefer to continue their education on their computers, online educational services such as make continuing education extremely convenient. Because most states now require a minimum number of continuing education hours for cosmetology license renewal, online education is becoming more and more popular for busy cosmetologists who don’t want to take time away from their clients to attend a show or seminar.

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