Nursing Home and Funeral Home Cosmetologist Jobs

Cosmetologists who enjoy working with elderly people may choose to work full or part-time in a nursing home or assisted living center.

Having their hair and makeup done can be the highlight of the day for many elderly adults living in such facilities, and many cosmetologists who do this kind of work consider it “a calling.” This can be an immensely rewarding cosmetology career experience because active seniors still very much value the individual attention a stylist can offer. Nursing home stylists build relationships and bolster the self-image of people who need it the most, and often cannot travel to a salon.

Senior Citizen in Hair Curlers Photo

Cosmetologists who work in nursing homes and assisted living centers are often salaried employees of the companies that own the facilities, and fringe benefits may be available to them. They enjoy a “built-in” clientele and a steady, dependable business as well.

Although not the most glamorous cosmetology job, many cosmetologists contract their services out with funeral homes. Working as a cosmetologist in a funeral home is not only serving the person who has passed away, but also their family, making it another rewarding way to practice cosmetology. Funeral home cosmetology requires extensive knowledge of physiognomy (the study of the muscles of the face), color scale, re-creative artistry, and chemistry. The work is far from easy, definitely an art, and there is always a need for it (nothing is certain, except death and taxes, right?).

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