Construction Manager Jobs

Management Sector

Construction managers are responsible for assigning duties and coordinating all construction-related processes at a construction site.

Construction Managers Play an Important Role in Achieving Project Goals on Time

They plan and direct construction projects such as the building of industrial and residential structures, roads, wastewater treatment plants and schools. Construction managers may work in the natural energy sector to construct hydroelectric dams, green-friendly residences, power plants, and more.

Construction managers have an enormous range of responsibilities. They are in charge of choosing and hiring general and specialty trade contractors to work with them on such projects, and overseeing the construction workers who perform the actual physical labor of construction. Other responsibilities include planning and scheduling the most cost and time-efficient means of completing a project. Construction managers must also be on call, sometimes 24-7, to deal with any issues that might arise during the construction process such as weather problems, unforeseen delays or emergency situations.

Education and Training Requirements

There is no specific degree required to become a construction manager however most construction managers have a bachelor’s degree in a field like construction management, construction science or civil engineering. In some cases, a construction manager may be able to work his way up to the position without meeting these educational requirements.

For the best job prospects you will ideally have a combination of an applicable bachelor’s degree plus a few years of experience working in the construction industry.

At this time it is not necessary to be certified in order to work as a construction manager although it can certainly help when looking for jobs. This may change in the future, as there is currently a rising demand for certified construction managers.

In addition to general education and training requirements, construction managers must possess a wide variety of personal skills in order to effectively perform their duties. Communication skills are an essential part of the job of a construction manager. He must be able to effectively convey plans and ideas to his coworkers, subordinates and superiors. The directions a construction manager gives to his construction workers must be clear and concise; misinterpreted instructions can result in damage to a construction project or even put a worker’s life in danger. Construction managers must also be extremely organized. It’s a lot of work to keep track of employees, time tables, building materials, machinery, construction equipment and more. It is imperative that a construction manager is organized enough to handle these many responsibilities.

Salary and Advancement Opportunities

The job outlook for construction managers is excellent, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. This is due largely to the number of workers who are expected to retire and transition to other fields of work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction managers earn an average of $89,770 per year. The industries where construction managers are most commonly employed include residential and nonresidential building construction, and foundation, structure and building exterior contracts. reports that construction managers earn an average of $42,096 to $60,492 with one to four years of experience and an average of $61,739 to $96,536 with 10 to 19 years of experience.

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