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Protect and serve! You can do one or the other – or both – in the public sector and public safety employment niches. There is an ongoing shortage of law enforcement and firefighting personnel, which has created an unprecedented number of job openings. And despite government cutbacks, many agencies continue to hire.

If you know what you want, then check out the latest job listings and informative pages in the lists below. Not sure what you’re after? Then start exploring – JobMonkey offers hundreds of pages of content including job descriptions, pay ranges, work schedule info, and more.

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Security Jobs

Become a security guard, work for the Department of Homeland Security, or overseas in Iraq. Your guide to security related careers.

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Law Enforcement Jobs

Get the scoop on federal and local law enforcement jobs. From FBI, CIA, and DEA Agent careers to K9 and police officer jobs.

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Government Jobs

Start a government career – FBI and CIA jobs, federal law enforcement, postal service jobs, other agencies. Job search tips and new openings

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Firefighting Jobs

Few careers are as rewarding as firefighting – fight forest fires, volunteer, get an EMT job. The scoop on firefighter training and  exams too.

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Border Patrol Jobs

The government is hiring customs and border patrol agents year-round. Help secure American borders as a CBP agent.

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Personal Security Guard Jobs

Provide personal security services to politicians, entertainers, and high profile people. Learn how to find the jobs and how to succeed.

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