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The need for executives, politicians, movie stars, and rich people to require the services of personal security is growing. This is especially true as the crime rate rises. Personal security jobs are around and some of them have a lot to offer.

Personal Security Jobs Are Competitive

Becoming a bodyguard will require that you have some specialized training that is beyond that required for the average security guard. For one thing, you will need to remember that people with money can choose to be picky, and you will need to be able to prove that your services are competitive with others who may also apply for the same personal security jobs.

Personal Security Guard

The Training Needed for Personal Security Jobs

Training as a bodyguard varies and some states have different licenses. Bodyguard schools offer the courses needed. Those wanting to get personal security jobs should be physically fit, have training in self-defense, as well as weapons training. Other training that may be required is defensive driving, antiterrorism, and kidnap prevention. They should also be able to work with a team of individuals.

Personal Security Jobs Are Wide Open for Female Bodyguards

In the field of personal security, there is currently a large shortage of female bodyguards. Many women who are apt to need personal security often prefer to have a highly qualified woman bodyguard present, and their smaller stature can help to make a less noticeable presence when out in public. If they will get the same qualifications in weapons, self-defense, and tactics as the male bodyguards, there is a wide-open field for immediate employment. In fact, some of their skills may make them equally or even better qualified because women can often listen better, are perceived to be less threatening, and may be able to resolve some conflict situations easier than males.

Requirements for Personal Security Guards

Among other things, personal security jobs require someone who is calm, alert, and have a pleasant but business manner and attitude. Ongoing training is also required, and the more training you have the better your opportunities and pay. Understanding new technology and keeping up with it is another requirement. Some jobs may also require at least five years experience in the field of security.

Bodyguard security needs to be available on a 24/7 basis – by cellphone at least. They will also most likely be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which means that you cannot reveal what you see or hear to others. A security clearance may also be needed for executive security positions if their corporation deals with military contracts.

Many Personal Security Positions Are Available Overseas

Many bodyguards are needed overseas, where there often is a large element of mistrust of the local people. Due to the demand, it may provide the quick entrance into the field you need. You may need, however, to go to the country of choice in advance, so that you can be close by – they may not be willing to pay for your relocation.

Quick Facts About Bodyguard Work

Titles: Bodyguard, Executive Security, Celebrity Security, Security Specialist, Protection Officer, Security Consultant.
Training Needed:

  • Certification as a security guard; firearms training and licensing.
  • Military experience, or law enforcement experience, may be preferred.
  • Training in martial arts, and high-tech electronics.

Education: Post secondary school.
Tasks May Include: Securing areas, protecting people, using devices to screen people, investigate and assist in emergencies, write reports of all occurrences, etc. Security guards can expect to work some weekends and possibly some double shifts. Keeping the paparazzi away, fans, etc.
Special Requirements: Ability to keep calm in stressful situations; quick thinking; excellent verbal communications, physically fit.
Salary: $46,000 – $75,000. Expect some overtime. Celebrity Security can make between $25,000 – $500,000.

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