National Security Administration (NSA)

What does the NSA do? As one of those super-secret type government agencies, the NSA doesn’t like to get very specific about exactly what they do.

According to their website, NSA “coordinates, directs, and performs highly specialized activities to protect U.S. information systems and produce foreign intelligence information.” The application process at NSA takes a little longer than in private industry, because every applicant must have a Top Secret / Special Intelligence clearance, which means that everyone who works at NSA must be a US citizen and have a clean record.

Cyber Security Worker Photo

Computer Scientist Jobs

Computer scientists at NSA have some great job perks. For one thing, they get to work with some of the most advanced computer equipment on the market, with network speeds that other organizations can only dream about. They also get to apply their knowledge to solving complex problems, like how to set up large networks, and how to keep those networks safe. They might also try to analyze ways that hackers and other nefarious people might try to break into the system and cause trouble.

The NSA has a program for computer scientists, called the Computer Science Development Program (CDP). In this three-year program, new hires rotate through different departments, learning all about the different kinds of issues the NSA deals with. This is an entry level program targeted toward recent college graduates with Bachelor’s degrees in computer science. The entry level salary for a computer scientist working for the NSA is $55,293.

NSA Intelligence Analyst Jobs

Intelligence analysts are the ones who provide all the intelligence data to high level government officials. Analysts usually have at least a Bachelor of Arts or Science in a field like Foreign Affairs, Anthropology, Geography, or a related field, with a minimum 3.0 GPA. All applicants must be US citizens.

To apply, see the latest National Security Agency job listings in the JobMonkey Job Center – then simply click the Apply button to start the job application process.

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