Jobs at the Cincinnati Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo opened its gates to welcome visitors for the first time in 1875. It has the distinction of being the second oldest zoo in the U.S. The first exhibits on display were rather modest by today’s standards.

The Cincinnati Zoo is One of the Oldest Zoos in the U.S.

The zoo’s original collection was made up of the following:

  1. 400 birds
  2. Eight monkeys
  3. Six raccoons
  4. Three dear
  5. Two grizzly bears
  6. Two elk
  7. One buffalo
  8. One hyena
  9. One tiger
  10. One alligator
  11. One elephant

The Cincinnati Zoo welcomes more than 1.2 million visitors each year. The zoo’s collection now includes over 500 animals and 3,000 species of plants.

Types of Jobs at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Cincinnati Zoo hires people to work in Admissions. To do well in this position, a person needs to enjoy dealing with the public and be a high-energy person. Admissions staff are responsible for selling tickets to the zoo and helping guests move through the gates quickly and efficiently.

Another type of position available at the Cincinnati Zoo is that of Park Services worker. These employees are responsible for emptying the garbage containers, ensuring that washrooms are clean and stocked, and sweeping the walkways on the grounds.

The zoo also hires people to work in the parking lot to direct drivers to available spaces. The Parking staff works closely with Security personnel hired by the zoo to keep guests safe. Lost children and First Aid are part of the security staff’s responsibilities.

Workers to staff Rides and Attractions at the zoo are also needed.

Team members operate the zoo train and the tram. Team members may also be assigned to the carousel or 4-D theater.

Since the zoo is open every day except Christmas Day, candidates who have some flexibility with the hours they are available to work are more likely to get hired. With the exception of the Parking crew, applicants must be at least 18 years of age to apply for a job at the zoo.

How to Apply for a Job at the Cincinnati Zoo

People who are interested in being considered for a position at the Cincinnati Zoo can apply online by visiting the Job Opportunities page on the zoo web site. There, they can click on the position they would like to apply for and fill out an online application form. All employees must pass a drug screening test before starting work.

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