Jobs at the San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is a non-profit organization that was established in 1916 by Dr. Harry M. Wegeforth. Today, the Zoo has over 250,000 member households, as well as 130,000 youngsters who have signed up for children’s memberships.

Buying a San Diego Zoo membership means free admission to the Zoo as well as the Wild Animal Park. The San Diego Zoo is open 365 days a year to welcome visitors of all ages.

The San Diego Zoo is spread out over 100 acres in Balboa Park, which is north of the City’s downtown area. It has over 3,700 animals in its collection. It boats a very impressive collection of 700,000 exotic species of plants.

The Wild Animal Park is run by the San Diego Zoo’s administrators and is home to over 3,500 animals and 1.5 million specimens of plant life. The Park measures 1,800 acres and over half of the land has been designated as a protected area for native species. The Park is located in the San Pasqual Valley near Escondido, California, which is 30 miles north of downtown San Diego.

The San Diego Zoo has an Incredible Amount of Plant Life and Animals

Jobs at the San Diego Zoo

Examples of the kinds of jobs that may be available at the San Diego Zoo are as follows:

  1. Administrative staff
  2. Animal care manager
  3. Animal keepers and trainers
  4. Architect
  5. Bus operator/guide
  6. Buyer
  7. Chef/cook
  8. Construction and maintenance workers
  9. Curator
  10. Customer service/zoo shop workers
  11. Delivery drivers
  12. Display coordinator
  13. Editor (monthly zoo magazine – ZOONOOZ)
  14. Education specialist
  15. Educator
  16. Event planner
  17. Food service clerk
  18. Gardener
  19. Group sales representative
  20. Horticulturalist
  21. Human resources manager
  22. Laboratory technicians
  23. Librarian
  24. Mechanic
  25. Research technician
  26. Payroll clerk
  27. Photographer/videographer
  28. Plant manager
  29. Scientist
  30. Security officer
  31. Ticket seller
  32. Tree trimmer
  33. Veterinarian jobs

How to Apply for a Job at the San Diego Zoo

The Zoo only accepts applications for open positions. Find current job openings at the San Diego Zoo in the JobMonkey Job Center.

Once you find a job you are interested in applying for, your application must be submitted using an online system (registration required). Candidates invited for interviews will be notified within three or four weeks after the job competition closes.

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