Auto Driveaway Insurance

When you are driving or working in another capacity for an auto transport company, insurance is going to be one of your biggest concerns. As the truck driver you are going to be hauling property that is very valuable. Oftentimes, people spend more money on their car or truck than they do on everything else they own, sans their homes. Hauling someone’s car, truck, or RV can be nerve wracking without the right insurance!

Making the Correct Trucking Insurance Decision

First of all, when you are working for an auto transport company, the company itself should have insurance. This insurance will vary depending on the size of the company and how much they regularly haul. Therefore, you know that you as a driver are at least somewhat protected by the insurance that your company has.

However, your company’s insurance is only going to cover you up to a certain amount. You will want to double check with the company to be sure that you understand exactly how much will be covered for each trip that you take. Also, be sure that you know whether a company’s insurance plan covers only the mistakes that you might make, or if it also covers accidents that happen which might not be your fault.

It is also important for you to have your own insurance, since this is required by law. If your company does not insure for enough money, or if they do not have the right type of insurance, you may want additions to the typical policy you’d get if you were not a truck driver. Sometimes, the company’s policy only covers your mistakes, but not the mistakes of other drivers. You want to be sure that you have insurance as well to cover things that are not your fault. Depending on the situation and your contract with the company, you could also be involved in an insurance battle with your employer itself if your mistake caused the accident.

Making sure that your insurance is where you need it to be should be step one for you before you undertake any hauling or towing project. Remember that while you are transporting someone’s automobile, you are in charge of that car, truck, or RV from start to finish. Driving without insurance can cost you a ton of money and your career in the trucking industry. Remember that there are many regulations that you will have to follow as you travel between states, and you want to be sure that while you are doing your job, you are covered. Before leaving on any trip, check the state’s insurance laws for truck drivers.

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