Car Delivery Jobs

Auto driveaway is a slightly different way to get your car from one place to another. Most of the time, when a person needs to have an automobile transported, they rely on auto transport companies that will ship their cars, trucks, or RVs.

However, auto driveaway companies are a little bit different in that they do not ship the car, but they drive the car from one place to another. An auto driveway worker is a person who works for an auto driveaway company. These are people who are hired as drivers. They do not drive a truck that transports cars; they are actually in charge of driving the cars from one place to another.

Female Car Delivery Driver Smiles for Camera

There are several reasons for an auto driveaway company to be chosen by a consumer:

  • First of all, many people don’t like the idea of their car or truck being loaded and unloaded onto big trucks. There is a possibility that it will be scratched or damaged, or that something will happen to it during transit.
  • Auto driveaway companies are good choices for people who are moving, and who do not want to tow their car. Driving a car a long distance can actually be better for it than having it towed or putting it on a truck for a long-distance, in terms of gas and wear/tear on the vehicles.
  • Auto driveaway companies are also popular among people who want to bring their child’s car home from the town where they go to college, without having their child drive that long distance.


A person who works for an auto driveaway company must be very good at certain things. Obviously, they must be a good driver. This is the most important thing. Most auto driveaway companies require perfect driving records and usually will test driving skills just to make sure that you are a proficient driver. Nobody who chooses an auto driveaway company will want their car damaged or driven in any dangerous situations!

Another thing that is important with auto driveaway jobs is efficiency. One of the biggest reasons to choose an auto driveaway company over a traditional auto transport company is that often a car will arrive much faster if it is driven from one place to another instead of shipped. Therefore auto driveaway workers must be efficient and able to choose the routes that will get them to their destination much quicker, as well as navigate through traffic situations like roadwork and accidents.

Depending on which auto driveaway company a driver works for, there are other things to keep in mind as well. Some auto driveaway companies allow belongings to be packed into the car to make moves easier. Therefore, a driver must be careful to transport these belongings just as safely as they transport the car. Also, some companies allow pets to be shipped in the car as well. If this is the case, an auto driveaway worker might need to be able to handle the animals. Lastly, some auto driveaway companies also will transport people. Therefore, a driver for one of these companies must be very good at relating to people and must be willing to sometimes share the car space with the people who actually own the car.

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