Living in your Truck

There are some situations that you will need to get used to as you embark on life as a driver for an auto transport company. One of these things is the fact that for most of the time while you are at work, you will be living in your truck. You will probably drive across the country, and perhaps to other countries, during your time on the road. Then, you will have a week or two where you are not working, which means that you will have time to be at home with your family. However, while you are out there on the road, chances are good that you will be living in your truck. Other forms of accommodation are often too expensive.

The Interior of Semi Truck Cabs can be Personally Customized by the Driver

There are several advantages to living in your truck while you are working. For one, you can be assured that no one will be messing with your cargo, because you will be in the cab. Most of the time, a thief or vandal won’t want to mess with a truck that is running, because they are never sure what the driver is doing or if they are being watched. Therefore, you will have a good way to protect the cargo that you are hauling. Sometimes, since what you are transporting will be expensive cars, auto shipping companies require their drivers to sleep in the truck.

Many drivers choose to live in their truck as opposed to renting a room because they do not spend as much money if they are living in their trucks. It might also be less of a hassle. Most of the time, the truck that you will be driving will come equipped with a roomy cab, and probably a bunk that you can use. You will be able to keep all of your possessions in your cab with you, and sleep right in the bunk.

Most of the time, a driver feels safer sleeping in their locked cab than they would staying in a hotel. Simply lock the doors and cabs of large trucks are practically impossible to break into.

There are some things to remember about living in your cab. First of all, there isn’t much room, so pack lightly! Chances are that you won’t need too many changes of clothing, because all you will be doing is driving day after day. Also, remember that in order to legally drive a truck, there are listings of things that you must include within your cab. Make sure that you have room for all of those belongings. They should be provided by your company if the company owns the truck, but you may have to provide them if you own the truck.

Many times, when a person is living in their truck, they bring along a computer to use at the many different WiFi hot spots that they can find as they drive. This is a great way to keep in touch with your family when you are on the road. Living in a truck isn’t easy, but for some, it can be a great lifestyle. Not sure it is for you? Luckily, there are many auto shipping jobs available that have you home every single night.

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