Customer Service Jobs

In the world of auto transport, there are two things that are very important – the cars and the people. While the dispatcher takes care of the cars that are moving from one place to another, the customer service representative takes care of the people.

The customer service representative for the auto transport industry works with the consumers, who are shipping their cars. These can either be people from large companies that have many cars to ship from one place to another, or they can be a person who simply needs to ship their own car from one place to another. Either way, the job of the customer service representative revolves around these people.

The customer service representative is the person who actually receives the information about what a customer would like from that customer directly. For instance, when a shipping industry is located online, the customer service representative would work through email correspondence for the website, and would be receiving the information about what a customer would like. If an auto transport company does the majority of its work over the telephone, the customer service representative is the one who answers the phone.

Either way, the representative listens to what the consumer would like to have done. Then, they are the ones who present the consumer with the actual quote. Often times this is something that they can do quickly, because they have access to all of the pricing information. However, if a consumer has a question about their quote, or would like something unconventional done with their auto, the customer service representative might have to check with others, such as dispatchers or supervisors, to answer the questions or provide the quotes.

Next, the customer service representative is responsible for taking the order. At times, this happens right after the quote has been given. Sometimes, however, the consumer will take the quote and call back later, after they have decided that it is the best option for them.

The representative passes on the order to the dispatcher.

The other side to the job of the customer service representative in the auto transport industry is answering complaints and helping out the consumers. Often a consumer has never shipped a car before nor has any idea what will happen to their car or truck after it is shipped. Customers sometimes also call with problems while the car is in transit or after it has arrived. As a customer service representative, you’d be responsible for keeping them as happy as possible.

In order to work in customer service in the auto transport industry, a person must have excellent communication and customer service skills. Often, the people that they are dealing with are hesitant or worried about their car or truck. Therefore, the representative must be able to answer questions calmly and thoroughly. The customer service representative must also know everything that there is to know about the car transport industry, or be able to learn this information quickly. In most cases, no special training or education is required, but this varies according to your level of responsibility.

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