Types of Vehicles Transported

When you are working in the auto transportation field, you will be primarily shipping cars and trucks. However, you will also often find yourself shipping RVs, motorcycles, or any other type of vehicle that a person would like to have shipped from one place to another. The job of an auto transport driver is to make sure that these vehicles get form one place to another. Because of that, your job is going to be not only to drive the truck that has autos or golf carts on it, but you will be in charge of the entire shipping process, from point to point.

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The primary type of cargo that you will ship as an auto transport driver is, of course, cars. Most of the time, the autos that you will be shipping will be privately owned vehicles or cars to and from dealerships. Many times, cars will be purchased in one location, and will need to arrive in another place. These cars will also be part of the cargo that you will ship. In some situations, a car dealer or someone who collects cars might need to have several different autos moved from one place to another.

Trucks might make up another, smaller, section of your cargo. Sometimes, pick-up trucks or other small trucks will need to be moved from one place to another, for reasons similar to those of the cars. They will then become part of what you are hauling, and you will take them where they need to go.

Another main piece of cargo that you might have to move would be RVs and motor homes. Many times people will want to have their RV shipped to another location, without having to drive it. They will hire your company to move their RVs. This can be one of the largest pieces of cargo that you have to transport, and it can be the one that takes up the most time.

There are other, smaller pieces of cargo that you might end up transporting. Sometimes, you might have to move a motorcycle, or a fleet of them, from one place to another. Also, someone might hire you to move golf carts, go-karts, or other types of small vehicles.

When you are an auto transport driver, your cargo is, basically, anything that drives. Therefore, you should be prepared to haul just about anything with wheels. These can be the most important things that people need to have shipped from one place to another, so your job is very crucial.

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