Owning an Auto Trailer


Some auto transport companies have their own trailers and they hire drivers to drive those trailers.

Other companies may require that the driver have their own trucks. There are also companies that employ a combination of drivers. Is buying a tractor trailer the right answer? Although owning the trailer and running it for the company means wear and tear on the trailer, there are a number of benefits that must be taken into consideration. Many drivers prefer to own these trailers for these reasons and these reasons are:

  • Many companies pay a driver what is considered to be a rental for using their truck for the services. At the same time the driver is getting paid for driving the truck. You’ll make twice the money!
  • There is no middleman, so the driver receives all benefits and a salary from the company. The driver is also still given the option for advancements and is still eligible for any rewards that the company offers.
  • There are also companies that offer sign-on bonuses for drivers who own their own truck.
  • The driver maintains their own truck. The driver is more likely to be able to keep track of their own vehicle than a vehicle that belongs to a company. Although companies running fleets have systems in place to keep track of vehicle maintenance and repairs, no one knows a truck better than the driver who owns it.
  • Your schedule may be more flexible since you’re working with just one truck. Instead of switching trucks continuously, you drive the same truck every day, which saves time.
  • You may be able to work with multiple companies if you own your own truck. Some contracts have you exclusively working for a single company, but that isn’t always the case. You’ll make more money if you can compare wages between companies from week to week.

What it comes down to is that owning the trailer makes everything more convenient all around. Money is made, no one else is responsible for the vehicle, and transport can move seamlessly without having to rely on others. Keep in mind that owning a truck also gives you a bit of extra experience in the auto shipping industry. If you dream of opening your own business someday, owning a single truck is a step in the right direction.

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