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When you are thinking about the possibility of going into business for yourself, then you may want to think seriously think about a business franchise. A franchise is basically the right that a company gives to someone so that they may have the legal authority to sell their products or services.

An example of a franchise would be the fast food chains such as McDonald’s or Pizza Hut.

While there are many such chains around the nation – and around the world – all franchises operate basically the same way. The person wanting to sell that company’s products is called a “franchisee,” and they buy the privilege from the company, who is called a “franchisor.” Read about this yoga franchise in Woodinville, Washington, for some interesting perspective about franchising and business start-ups in general.

Buying a franchise not only gives the individual the right to use the company’s name and set up a business selling the company’s products or services, but it can also enable the individual to be able to tap into the marketing and business expertise of the larger and much more experienced company, too. Training may also be available for managers and owners.

Franchise Opportunities Abound in Nearly Every Industry

Franchise opportunities can be found in nearly very sector of industry today. These companies that present the business opportunity may be large or small, and they may or may not be experienced with helping new franchises get off the ground.

Franchises are available for:

  • Education
  • Pets
  • Automotive sector
  • business services
  • Financial services
  • Recreation
  • Women’s sector
  • Travel

And whatever else you can think of. In this section of JobMonkey you will be able to compare and evaluate a number of the biggest and best franchises, including:

The broad possibilities enable an individual to launch out quickly into the field of their choice.

Franchise Opportunity Packages Are not All Equal

Basically, a franchise is a business in a package. Differing companies offering franchises, however, will offer packages of varying complexity, which can make it either easy or difficult for a new entrepreneur to get the new business established quickly.

Initial Franchise Costs Vary Widely

Buying the right to get a franchise from a company also means that a wide cost range will be encountered.

Costs can be as low as a couple of hundred dollars all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for some.

One clear advantage of starting with a franchise over starting your own business is that the franchise enables the new business owner to take an already recognized company and its products to build his business. People will already be familiar with the brand name and this will build the business faster. Also, the owner will often have the ability to draw on the experience and expertise of the mother company.

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