Best Pizza Franchises

When it comes to popular foods to choose from for a franchise business, it would be hard to go wrong with pizza. There are many franchise options – but pizza continues to be loved by families everywhere – anytime. Here are many of the top best pizza franchises.

Pizza Hut Franchises

Pizza Hut is a name that is known everywhere. Its taste is unique and now it is often co-branded with WingStreet chicken wings to make the experience even better. The Pizza Hut franchise is owned, along with KFC, Taco Bell, A&W, and Long John Silvers, by Yum! Brands. Their expertise with these great brands is excellent and they offer a 12 to 16 week training program for their franchisees. Pizza Hut franchisees must be willing and able to open three stores within a three to five year period.

Franchise Fee: $25,000
Personal Net Worth: $250,000
Cost to Open Store: $317K-2.97M

Papa John’s Franchises

Papa John’s pizza shops have seen rapid growth since it started offering franchises in 1986. Now with over 3,300 stores worldwide, its quality taste continues to grow this chain. Papa John’s franchisees can receive three-week training at their headquarters, as well as three or four weeks at another franchise store. Franchisees can own more than one store. Because this is the 25th anniversary year of Papa John’s franchises, they are willing to drop the franchise fee of $25,000 if you get into the program before December 29th, 2009.

Franchise Fee: $25,000
Personal Net Worth: $250,000 per restaurant
Cost to Open Store: $135.8K-491.6K

Domino’s Pizza Franchises

Domino’s pizzas, breadsticks and Buffalo wings, are a familiar taste to many people. There are currently more than 8,000 stores worldwide, including in the US, Canada, Europe and Africa. Dominos is owned by Bain Capital. Franchisees will receive training for 6 to 8 weeks at a training store. Domino’s Pizza is also looking for trainees who are willing to be trained for a 24-36 month period, and then will open a minimum of 5 restaurants in certain areas. Once the training is completed, they will then provide $25,000 toward the first store.

Franchise Fee: Up to $25,000
Personal Net Worth: $250,000 per restaurant
Cost to Open Store: $119.95K-461.7K

Papa Murphy’s Franchises

Papa Murphy’s pizza shops give their customers the option of taking it and cooking it in their own home. The store makes its dough fresh everyday and provides plenty of fresh toppings for a great pizza cooked in the store or at home. There are many varieties and styles for everyone – and they are generous with the toppings, which has made this chain popular – now with almost 1,100 stores in the western US and Canada. Franchisees may own more than one store and owners must be present in the operation of the store.

Franchise Fee: $25,000 / $15,000
Personal Net Worth: $250,000
Cost to Open Store: $203.7K-348.6K

CiCi’s Pizza Franchises

CiCi’s Pizza started franchising in 1987. Its menu consists of an all-you-can-eat buffet that provides plenty of pizza along with salads, pastas, and desserts. Franchises are also available for a CiCi’s Pizza To Go version, too, which are smaller restaurants than the buffet version. Its 621 franchise restaurants are all in the southern US. Training is for an 8 to 12 week period. Training for the To Go stores is only 3 to 4 weeks. Franchisees may own more than one restaurant, but they must participate in the operation of the stores.

Franchise Fee: 30%
Cash Liquidity Requirement: $134.6K-213.9K
Cost to Open Store: $448.5K-712.9K

Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs Franchises

Hungry Howie’s Pizza shops have become a favorite by offering eight different flavors of its pizza crusts, as well as eight calzone style subs. Chicken wings and salads are also served in this mostly northern franchise with over 575 franchised stores. Hungry Howie’s is looking to offer stores throughout the US with exclusive territories. Training is provided in a four-week program in its Michigan HQ. Multiple stores may be owned, and a physical presence is required.

Franchise Fee: $15,000
Personal Net Worth: $150,000
Cost to Open Store: $121.1K-433K

Fox’s Pizza Den Franchises

Fox’s Pizza Den started franchising its pizza business in 1974. It offers pizzas, stromboli, hoagies and a sandwich on a pizza wedge called wedgies. It also offers pizza delivery. There are now more than 340 franchisee-owned stores in about 32 states. The founder, Jim Fox, also personally worked to help produce a pizza-making robot so that handicapped people could own their own pizza franchise, too. The royalty fees are only $300 per month. Franchisees may own more than one store. Exclusive territories are available.

Franchise Fee: $10,000
Cost to Open Store: $93.6K-115.6K

RedBrick Pizza Franchises

The RedBrick Pizza restaurant boasts of being able to cook a pizza to perfection in a mere 3 minutes with their terra cotta oven heated to 1,000 degrees. They also serve sandwiches and salads, and Gourmet Gelato ice cream. RedBrick Pizza started franchising in 2001 and now has 74 stores – mostly in the south. Exclusive territories are available and there are some states where they will not open a store at this time. Franchisees may own more than one store and they must participate in store operations.

Franchise Fee: $25,000
Personal Net Worth: $500,000
Cost to Open Store: $175K-499K

Marco’s Pizza Franchising LLC

Marco’s pizza stores serve pizza with all fresh ingredients, and various sandwiches, salads and Cheezybread. They also offer their pizzas through carryout and delivery. Franchising since 1979, they now have over 200 stores located mostly in the Midwest, and are looking to open about 40 more this year. Franchisees may own more than one store, and they must participate in its operation.

Franchise Fee: $17,500
Personal Net Worth: $150,000
Cost to Open Store: $218K-419.5K

Pizza Ranch Franchises

The Pizza Ranch believes in taking an active part in its own community. It does this by making contributions to the local school system, by hiring local youth with no job experience, and by helping with local fund-raising efforts. Franchising since 1984, there are now over 140 restaurants in the Midwest. Exclusive territories are available. Multiple stores may be owned and a physical presence is required.

Franchise Fee: $20,000
Cash Liquidity Requirement: $200K-280K
Cost to Open Store: $660K-1.7M

Of course, there are a great many more pizza restaurants to review – but our list above should help you get started.

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