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The General Nutrition Centers (GNC) were started in 1935 by David Shakarian. Although not called that at the time, he helped to introduce a more natural diet and proper nutrition into the US.

Before long, he also began to develop his own brands of mineral supplements, foods, various drinks and even cosmetics. As people began to see the benefit of these products, he expanded his stores into several states.

GNC began offering franchises for their centers in 1988. Today, there are more than 6,200 stores throughout the US and the world. They are looking to open more stores worldwide.

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The company manufactures its own natural supplements in three large state-of-the-art processing plants in the US. These plants have the capacity to manufacture 15 billion units on an annual basis. People have come to trust the GNC label and the company has tried to set the standard with accurate product potency and truth in labeling. It also has a goal of working to help people live better quality lives.

GNC has a strong market position and is eleven times larger than its closest competition. It is also well recognized for its quality health, diet, and sports nutrition products. There are also a lot of wellness and body care products, as well as CD’s, books and other excellent information.

In addition, there is currently a strong push in the public sector for natural supplements and vitamins to provide a healthy lifestyle.

The franchise fee for this business opportunity is $40,000 for the first store, and then $30,000 for other ones. There is a net worth requirement of $100,000, and it will cost between $165,000 and $205,000 to open a new center. GNC does provide some financing for startup costs, equipment and inventory, and also permits third party financing. There is also a strong discount of 50% of the franchise fee available for veterans who have been honorably discharged.

Franchisees are allowed to own more than one unit. Absentee ownership, however, is not permitted. There is a 10-year term of Agreement, and exclusive territories are available.

Training is available at the Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, and is given in a one-week session. Further franchise training can also be given at the new center, and at the corporate store.

You can learn more about the GNC Franchising business opportunity to determine if it is the perfect business for you. Visit their website now for more details.

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