Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchises

One brand that stands out among other fast food places and is a favorite just about everywhere is Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The Colonel’s prize winning secret recipe has continued to remain a secret – and it still brings the large crowds.

Kentucky Fried Chicken was started by Harland Sanders in 1930 in the back of a gas station in Louisville, KY. From there, word quickly got out about the unique taste of his chicken. Since that time, many of his restaurants are the more traditional eat-in or carry out restaurants, and other stores carry the buffet style setup.

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The Colonel opened the door to franchising in 1952, and now there are over 4,300 franchised stores in the United States and more than 7,150 franchises in foreign countries. An additional 3,300 stores are owned by the company.

The restaurant chain is now a part of Yum! Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver’s and A&W Restaurants. The company is looking to start new restaurants worldwide.

Starting a new restaurant will require a franchise fee of $45,000. The franchisee will need to have a personal net worth of $1 million, and it will cost between $1,200,000 and $1,800,000 to open a new store.

Financing is not available. Yum! Brands looks for experience as being very important to qualify, but will also accept a manager who is hired if there is the desired experience.

One thing that Yum! Brands looks for in their ideal franchisees is a willingness to be a multi-store owner. They are looking for owners to open between three to five stores, and to open three of them within the first five years.

One very important benefit of being a franchisee with Yum! Brands is the tremendous experience that they have. The company knows how to reach its target markets with the great fast food chains it owns. The company is currently the largest franchisor with restaurants in more than 100 nations and provides training to match its reputation. There are many courses available to develop your own leadership abilities and that of your employees.

A unique feature of Yum! Brands is that it also multi-brands some of its stores. It combines two brands together in one building and has found that it has worked very well to increase customer numbers and the amount of products purchased per customer. With a Kentucky Fried Chicken store, they have found that a Taco Bell works well.

You can learn more now about the franchise business opportunity available at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Find out now if this is the perfect franchise opportunity you are looking for.

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