Liberty Tax Service

When it comes to franchise business opportunities, you will certainly want to consider the Liberty Tax Service franchise.

This company has seen rapid growth in its number of stores, and there is no doubt that the need for professionals to help others with their taxes is not going to go away.

The Liberty Tax Service franchise has only been around for about 12 years, but its owner is a tax professional who has also successfully had an earlier successful tax business – called Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. He also has been a tax professional for over 40 years. The founder of this company – John Hewitt – bought out an existing franchise company in 1997 and changed its name to the current Liberty Tax Service.

One very remarkable thing about the Liberty Tax Service franchise is that in a mere 12 years, the company had opened an amazing 3,300 new franchises. This growth now makes it the third best franchise to own – according to

There are two advantages of owning a Liberty Tax Service franchise when compared to other ones. The first is that there is a low cost to get into it. Secondly, they advertise that you do not even need to quit your day job when you buy a franchise. This is because it is largely just a four month of the year operation – during tax season.

Startup costs range from about $56,000 up to about $70,000. This figure includes everything that is needed, from the franchise fees, to the training, furniture, advertising, rent, and everything else.

Loans may be obtained from third parties.

The number of Liberty Tax Service franchises has increased every year in the United States since 2005. This is expected to be a continually growing franchise business and it certainly has become a major competitor in the tax field. The company does allow for owners to own and run more than one tax office and a physical presence is not required in the office.

The projected need is that more and more people will be in the United States and Canada, and this will require more tax preparation offices. Last year, according to John Hewitt, there were more than 23 million additional tax payers last year than there were 10 years ago. With taxes becoming more difficult to understand, the growth of the number of people needing to pay for tax preparation services is expected to continue to climb.

It is not necessary to have a background knowledge of taxes with this franchise, because Liberty Tax Service offers the needed training. Employees can also be hired who do have the expertise, or they can also be trained. Support from the Main Office is also available.

Take a few minutes now and learn more about your Liberty Tax Service franchise business opportunity.

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