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Probably the greatest fast food franchise available today would have to be the Sonic Drive-In franchise.
This company is listed as the fourth best franchise opportunity today, according to

Started in 1953 under another name, Troy Smith later expanded his operations and adopted the name Sonic Industries in 1974.

At that time, he also started offering Sonic Drive-In franchises. Today, Sonic stands as the largest drive in restaurant chain in the United States and Mexico.

The number of Sonic Drive-Ins has continued to grow each year with new franchises being started each year.

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There are now about 7 franchise operations in Mexico. The opportunity to start a new Sonic is great – particularly in the northern states. Some of these states do not yet have a single Sonic Drive-In – but Sonic would love to put one there. It is possible to get an exclusive territory in some locations.

Sonic franchises offer both a traditional franchise and a non-traditional one. The traditional one is the typical drive in restaurant that you are accustomed to seeing. The non-traditional kind may be in a mall or shopping center – and it would not have the usual carhops or drive in capability.

The Sonic franchise business opportunities are a little different than other franchises. For one thing, you will need to be willing to start two Sonics in order to qualify.

For the two stores, you will need to have a liquid asset value of at least $1 million, and a net worth of at least $1 million. While the actual franchise fee is only about $45,000, it will take up to about $3 million to get the 2 stores started. After that, there is also opportunity to own more stores, too.

A standard franchise agreement is for a 20 year period. After that, there is a 10 year renewal. Sonic looks for qualified people that have had either strong restaurant experience, or excellent entrepreneurial experience.

Training is available at the main office. It is an 11-week program, and there is opportunity for a 12th week of training.

Sonic claims to have one of the lowest turnover ratios as far as franchise owners are concerned. This makes it an excellent franchise opportunity. It also provides customers with a unique experience in the way of getting fast food. They do not have to go through a line – either in their car or out of it. Orders are made right from the car, and they also have an overhead to protect them from sun and or weather. They also get their food delivered right to them by a friendly carhop.

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