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Pizza Hut has been serving pizza in the United States since 1957. It was just two years later that they started offering franchises and it has been growing ever since.

Today it has more than 6,200 restaurants in the US and another 4,000 in 100 more countries. considers it to be the 7th best franchise business opportunity available.

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As a business opportunity, pizza is a very popular food and Pizza Huts brand and excellent taste are well known. Even better, though, is that Pizza Hut does not stand alone in its support for franchisees. It is currently owned by Yum! Brands and they also own other well-known favorites such as Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, A&W Restaurants, and Long John Silver’s.

Yum! Brands has had much experience in providing franchisees with the excellent support that is needed to start and grow their various franchise businesses. In addition to their size and famous brands, they also are a leader in multi-branding, which means that they have successfully combined two brands under one roof.

An example of their successful multi-branding would be their combining Pizza Hut with WingStreet, which is a popular chicken wings brand. WingStreet chicken wings come in eight different flavors and are an excellent side with a pizza. With this combination now working well in over 1,000 stores – it has proven to increase the profits for Pizza Hut franchisees.

Yum! Brands offers franchisees a great franchise business opportunity because of their proven experience.

They provide many benefits to franchisees, besides the brand name products and recognition. They also give excellent training through a 12 to 16 week program, business support, access to financing, advertising and a reliable supply chain.

In addition to the franchise opportunity, Pizza Hut is looking for potential franchisees that are willing to grow. This means that they will not accept a candidate unless they are willing to start at least three stores – and have the funds to do so. All three stores will need to be opened within a three-to-five year period. You should know, though, that it can take some time to open a new Pizza Hut store. The time involved may be almost one year to actually get the doors open.

There is a start-up cost of $25,000, but it will cost a total of somewhere between $320,000 to $1.6 million dollars to actually get started. You will also need to have some cash liquidity, too, of $360,000. Assistance with financing can be provided.

A Pizza Hut franchise business opportunity may be just what you are looking for. Get started now and investigate more details of what Yum! Brands and Pizza Hut can do for you and your new franchise business opportunity.

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