Papa John’s Franchise Opportunities

Papa John’s pizza started out in 1985, and then began franchising business opportunities the next year. The pizza quickly became popular and then rapidly grew both nationally and internationally. Today it is the tenth best franchise business opportunity listed by

Papa John’s is one store that has seen rapid growth in a rather short time. It went from one small store to almost 3,300 in 2008, and 493 of them were in foreign countries.

It looks like a great time to be a part of a strong and growing company.

In order to help you get started in 2009, Papa John’s is willing to drop some of the usual franchise fees. Because this is the 25th anniversary year, Papa John’s International will drop the franchise fee, and there will not need to be any royalty paid for a full 12 months. This offer, however, is only good until December 27th, 2009. Normally, though, the franchise fee is $25,000 per restaurant, and the monthly royalty fee is 5%. An additional 7% is expected for marketing purposes.

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In order to be considered as a possible franchisee, you will need to have $250,000 in net worth. This includes a liquid amount. The start-up costs for a Papa John’s restaurant will range anywhere from $160,000 up to $395,000. The company does not provide financing.

The franchise business opportunity also allows you to be able to expand your business. You are allowed to own more than one restaurant, but you will need the $250,000 net worth per restaurant that you possess. Another excellent feature is that you do not have to be physically present in your restaurant. This enables you to own several – or even to turn it over to someone else – if you can’t be there.

Training for your new Papa John’s pizza business is available at their headquarters in a three-week program.This is followed by a three or four-week program at a nearby franchise. Help is given for the grand opening, marketing support, and purchasing cooperatives.

Papa John’s is a publicly traded business. The location of your new business will have to be approved by the company, and they will oversee the building process. They will also help to provide the demographics during the search process.

You can learn more about the Papa John’s franchise business opportunity by visiting their website. All potential franchise operators will have to be approved by the company.

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