Subway Franchise Opportunities

According to several sources the number one franchise opportunity in America is Subway.

Not only do they make excellent sandwiches and cookies, but they are also great when it comes to enabling new franchise owners to have their own business.

With a Subway restaurant franchise costing only $15,000, it is no wonder that there are over 31,000 stores in many countries. Royalties are paid at about 8% of the profits each year – which is common among franchises.

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In the past four years, Subway has seen an increasing growth for new franchises. Not only has there been a solid growth in America, but the demand for Subway franchises has even increased in foreign countries. New stores worldwide have grown from a total of about 18,500 in 2005 up to a new 21,500 in 2008. Growth of new stores in foreign countries and Canada accounts for a little more than one-third of the overall increase.

Subway stores can be found in many places. Currently, Subway stores are located in 90 countries. There does not seem to be any slowing down of its growth as people around the world continue to enjoy their sandwiches. Its growth has continued since its first franchise was founded in 1974.

Not only do they have their own buildings, but Subway stores can also be found in malls, too – possibly making it unnecessary to build a new building or having to wait until it is completed.

With Subway increasing in popularity and offering an alternative to the hamburger fast food chains, its continued growth is to be expected.

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In order to help establish new businesses, Subway offers to assist minorities with the franchise fee. In addition, it offers equipment leasing, and help with remodeling and relocation. Marketing help can also be given on a local basis.

A two-week training program is available for franchisees and the course teaches management skills, basic business, and methods of operation. Once completed, time is spent in training in a local Subway franchise. Training centers are located in cities in the United States and abroad. Manager training is also available.

You can easily learn about this franchise opportunity and discover how you could own a Subway franchise. Simply visit the Subway website, learn more at franchise conventions, attend special Subway seminars that present the franchise opportunity, or see if there is a Subway owner near you who wants to sell.

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