Snap Fitness Center Franchise Opportunities

Peter Taunton founded his first Snap Fitness center in 2003.

He also wanted to provide franchisers with a great business model to enable them to easily start and run his fitness centers. After developing the model, he opened the door to franchisees in 2004.

In the short time since then, there are now over 1,600 Snap Fitness franchise centers throughout the U.S., Canada and other foreign countries.
He is seeking to expand the centers around the world as well as in the US. This franchise has enjoyed a hot streak.

With so much emphasis being put on the fact that people in the West are becoming overweight, and with the push for weight loss, fitness centers have an increasing number of potential clientele. Even better is the fact that clients do not come only once, but they need to keep on coming for best results. One unique feature about this franchise opportunity is that it offers people the opportunity to be able to exercise 24/7. It also provides them with state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

The Snap Fitness franchise is easy to get started quickly. Training is given in a two-day meeting at the Headquarters in Chanhassen, MN. Other meetings are available, too.

The qualified franchisee will need to pay a franchise fee of $15,000. A personal net worth requirement of $250,000 will need to be met, and it will cost between $77,400 and $272,800 to open the center. Third party financing is allowed for some things.

Instead of a percentage of the profits, Snap Fitness requires a set monthly fee of $499.

The fitness centers are typically smaller than the larger franchises, but there are many great features. Their ideal facility includes tanning beds and personal training for extra income. There are also cardio machines, the world’s best exercise machines, standard weights, and plasma TVs for entertainment while exercising. The building also uses an ID card entry system for secure entry and better control for a one person manager.

Exclusive territories are available that cover a 4 mile radius. Franchisees are not required to be present in the operation, and you may have more than one center. This makes it the ideal franchise with low cost startup, an ongoing clientele, and it can easily be turned over to a manager.

This sounds like the ideal franchise opportunity for many people. You can learn more about it by visiting the Snap Fitness website for more details.

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