Jobs with the Chicago Police Department

The Chicago Police Department employs more than 13,000 men and women. If you are looking for a career that will provide a stable income, interesting work, and the opportunity to work with the latest technology available to law enforcement personnel, consider applying to the Chicago P.D.

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Minimum Qualifications to Become a Chicago Police Officer

All officers must reside in the City of Chicago, and proof of residency is required as a condition of employment. A person who lives outside the City limits may apply for a position and live elsewhere during the training process, though.

Candidates must be at least 21 years of age and under the age of 40 to be hired by the Chicago Police Department. The Force requires proof of age to be provided when the application form is submitted. The Department also requires that candidates have a valid driver’s license when they apply for a position.

All people interested in becoming police officers in Chicago must have completed at least 60 semester hours from an accredited college or university in an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program or have completed a minimum of four years of service on active duty with the United States Armed Forces. A candidate who has completed 30 semester hours and one year of service on active duty with the Armed Forces is also eligible to apply.

Working for the Chicago Police Department

According to, the average police officer salary as of August 2019, was $59,000 plus benefits. Benefits for working officers include the following:

  1. Annual Duty Availability Bonus
  2. Annual Uniform Allowance
  3. Dental Plan
  4. Health Insurance
  5. Home Purchase Assistance
  6. Paid Holidays (13)
  7. Paid Sick Leave
  8. Paid Vacation Days (20)
  9. Prescription Drug Coverage
  10. Retirement Plan
  11. Tuition Reimbursement Plan
  12. Vision Plan

How to Apply to the Chicago Police Force

All prospective Chicago police officers must pass a series of tests to be placed on the eligibility list. Along with a written examination, the candidate must pass:

  1. Background Test
  2. Drug Screening
  3. Medical Exam
  4. Physical Fitness Test
  5. Psychological Assessment

Selected candidates are hired as probationary police officers and they are subject to an 18-month probationary period. New recruits attend a training program where they take several courses, including:

  1. Crime Investigation Procedures
  2. Criminal Law
  3. Department Administrative Systems and Operations
  4. Firearms and Drill Training
  5. Human Behavior
  6. Physical Training
  7. Policy and Procedures
  8. Report Writing
  9. Safety Practices
  10. Traffic Law

To find out more about a career with the Chicago Police Force, check out the Department’s website.

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