Overseas Security Jobs

If you would like the opportunity to travel and see new places, then you may want to consider overseas security jobs. This type of job can take you almost anywhere, and it often comes with excellent pay. Even if you do not have a background in security or law enforcement, you may be able to qualify before long.

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Overseas Security Jobs Let You Pick the Place

Overseas security jobs come in all kinds of work, and they are available in many countries. It is possible to choose your environment – tropical climate, temperate, or cold – as well as the type of culture – modern or third world. You can often even choose the level of danger, too, in places such as Iraq or Afghanistan, although even these countries do have some relatively safe security jobs, too.

Types of Security Jobs Abroad

Security jobs come in many different types. You may, for instance, provide security for facilities, for buildings, for vehicles (convoys), or for private individuals. Some of these assignments may be either armed or unarmed. Tasks may include ensuring security for banks, museums, corporations, monitoring crowds or entrances, bodyguards, etc.

Other international security jobs may include a much higher level of experience. This could involve providing security for computer networks, collecting and analyzing intelligence, performing polygraph tests, and more. Overseas jobs may also be obtained with the government in agencies such as the CIA, FBI, OPSEC, DoD, and many more. Group 4 Security Jobs may also be available, as well as SIA Security Jobs.

Get Security Training for Better Career Development

Some jobs require little experience. Even if you have little or none, you may be able to qualify for the position simply by taking a few online courses at a qualified security school. Before you take any courses, however, make sure that the school is accredited and that it has a good reputation. Courses may also be taken to improve your career in security.

Salary Possibilities in Overseas Security Jobs

Jobs in overseas security are generally well paid. Salaries can range from about $50,000 up to around $200,000 (or more) – depending on the level of danger involved. In some cases, this income may also be tax-free.

Working overseas may also provide you with a way to move up the ladder into other security positions. If you need to obtain a security clearance for the job, for instance, this could open many other doors for you later on with better pay. This could be an excellent job choice for those who have prior military experience. Some security contractors are looking for candidates right out of the military to work with them.

Quick Facts About Overseas Security Work

Training Needed:

  • Military experience for some positions; possibly even Special Forces background.
  • Security clearance may be needed (may take up to two years to get)
  • Some positions may require law enforcement background

Tasks May Include: Securing areas, protecting people, escort or drive vehicles, use devices to screen people, investigate and assist in emergencies, write reports of all occurrences, etc.
Potentially Dangerous: There are many open overseas security guard positions for those in dangerous places. People (diplomats and others) and places need protection because of the political instability and enemies. The more dangerous, the higher the pay.
Salary: $50,000 to $200,000, or more. Starting pay for some jobs is $500 per day.

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