Types of Careers in Security

The United States has seen an increase in crime recently and there is an increasing need for the protection of people and property than previously – especially among the government and large businesses. This has given rise to the need of more security guard jobs in all walks of life.

Everywhere that there are people, possessions, money, or secrets – from places of amusement to the inner sanctums of top-secret government facilities – security is needed. The Bureau of Labor expects the job market in this field to increase by 18% through 2030.

Corporate Security Guard

The Types of Security Guard Jobs Available

While many people often only think about a traditional security guard as being security, there actually are many different kinds – although all of them work to protect people and property in some way. One kind of security guard is those that are seen in public, usually roving around the premises. This can be an armed or an unarmed security guard in a retail store, a bank, a shopping mall, a hospital, a resort, or around various businesses.

Another type of security guard job is where there is a guard present at a gate controlling access to a plant or military base. This type of security officer is usually armed, and probably also a policeman. Some security guards also have the job of protecting especially valuable items, such as you might find in armored cars, or at an art museum. They protect money or valuable displays from damage and theft. Other types of security guards may watch over the various seaports of the country, or serve on ships.

Security guards can also provide the desired security while remaining unseen. This is especially true in the case of casino security jobs where they are manning video surveillance screens in the ceiling, or may be walking around in plainclothes. Some retailers have this kind of situation, too.

Other security personnel do not deal with the public at all. They watch computer network systems and ensure that they are protected and no one is trying to hack into it and steal its valuable data. Corporations, governments, and the military use cybersecurity personnel to protect their systems.

One more group of security guards would be those who serve as bodyguards, or in executive security jobs. They protect celebrities, CEO’s, and politicians. Another group may provide special forces type of protection, such as the private security groups that serve as escort services for civilian contractors in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The Qualifications Needed for Security Guard Jobs

Each one of the security guard jobs mentioned above has their own set of requirements. It also depends on your location, too. Most states require at least a high school diploma or GED to get started. You will also need a clean police record, a driver’s license, and be physically fit enough to walk around for hours, and possible resolve any problems.

In some cases, you may need to have some formal Criminal Justice type of education, too. Military experience is often preferred, and having a security clearance will enable you to get some of the better security guard jobs. Those with security clearances will also be able to get clearance jobs much faster in those jobs where one is required.

Quick Facts About Security Guard Work

Job Title: Security Guard
Pay Statistics:

  • Mean Average of All Types – $28,530
  • Hourly Average – $13.72

Education Required: H.S. Diploma (some states have no minimum requirement)
Training: Varies, but usually requires guard certification. Firearms training needed for armed security positions.

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