Armed Security Jobs

Even though many other jobs have recently been reduced, security guard jobs has only increased and is expected to continue to do so. This may make it easier for some to become security guards. More than ever there is a need to protect people and property which is the purpose of armed security guard jobs. While not having the full authority of the police, they still are an invaluable part of providing security.

Private Security Jobs

Although there are different types of armed guard jobs, it is their overall responsibility to keep a specific locale safe and secure, as well as the people who go there. Those who work at private security jobs and corporations keep an eye on both the doors and employees to ensure that company and personal property (cars) are not being vandalized or stolen, and they may hold people until police can arrive when problems appear.

Federal Armed Security Guard Jobs

The government of the United States is always on the lookout for armed security guards, too. For this type of work, you will most likely need to pass a background investigation, or must already hold a security clearance from the military. Guards are used to protect facilities nationwide – or abroad – and may serve with specific agencies such as the TSA, Homeland Security, defense contractors, and many more. When working in a military base, a government building, a lab, computer center, etc., armed guards make sure that the wrong people stay out, and that employees do not damage, steal, or tamper with property or information.

Armed Security Guards Protect Valuables

Armed guards also work in places such as banks and museums and are there to ensure that the customers are safe, or that the valuable displays are not stolen or damaged. Other armed guards protect large amounts of money, such as in casinos. They may be involved in the transport of valuables (armored trucks), or simply help to ensure crowd control – as they do at a stadium event. See Related: Museum Jobs, Armored Car Jobs

Armed Guards Perform Different Functions

In some cases, armed security guards may be stationary and watch video cameras. Other ones may constantly be roving around the guarded facility in order to show that security is present and watching, in an effort to calm visitors and deter potential problems.

Qualifications for Armed Security Guard Jobs

As far as education goes, armed security guards often only need to be a high school graduate, or hold a GED. They must usually be at least 21 years old. Most states require special armed security guard training and licensing in order to carry a weapon, as well as possible certification to be a security guard. Even in states where training or certification may not be specifically required, most employers will require some form of training because they are liable.
Armed security guards in most states will be required to go through specialized training before being issued a permit to carry as a security guard. New York State, for example requires 47 hours of firearms training beforehand.

An armed security guard will make different amounts depending on the facility, the location, and the experience. The pay for armed security guard jobs starts out above $10 per hour, and may go up to almost $25 per hour. Annually, pay may go as high as $40,000 with overtime. This pay is considerably higher than for unarmed security guards.

Quick Facts About Armed Security Positions

Title: Armed Security Guard
Training Needed:

  • Security Guard Certification
  • Firearms Training and License
  • May need Law Enforcement or Military Background

Special Abilities: Must be able to remain calm under Pressure
Salary for Armed Guards:

  • Hourly salary – $15.21 – $24.87
  • With overtime – $23,734 – $39,979

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