Hotel Security Jobs

Hotels can either be very busy or very quiet, and this often depends on the season and the location. Travelers want the comfort of knowing that they are protected in a strange place with lots of strangers around, and hotel managers want to ensure that their guests are secure and the property is protected. This ongoing need creates hotel security jobs and occasionally some very interesting situations for security guards.

Responsibilities of Hotel Security Guards

A hotel security job can have many responsibilities, or just a few. Guards can be roving around the property, or stationary watching video cameras and handling situations as needed. They keep an eye out for vandalism, problems with guests, watch the parking lot to ensure safety, possibly escort drunks from the bar, and sometimes call for the police when needed.

Generally only the larger hotels have security guards, and some of them can be quite large. They can also have more than one building and many floors, and some hotel security jobs would require ongoing surveillance. Drifters may also enter the property at times, and they would need to be quietly removed.

Requirements of Guards in Hotel Security Jobs

Educational requirements will vary considerably for hotel security guards. Different states will have different requirements, but generally, many unarmed positions only require a high school diploma. If the hotel security job requires that a gun be carried, there will usually be special classes needed for that. The hotel or hotel chain may also provide some instruction to ensure no legal problems. Guards may also be required to know first aid, CPR, and be trained in the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Some hotel security jobs, or resort security jobs, may be rather sedentary, with not much happening at all – especially in the slower seasons. Certain positions may even allow the security guard time to read, or study, but this should not be expected.

Other Possible Tasks of Hotel Security

Even though the job of a security guard may be largely quiet and isolated, the guards are expected to be quite able to be sociable and outgoing. They must also be calm-headed, especially when trouble of any kind arises. Some hotels will want them to greet the guests as they come in. They may also need to be willing to assist with luggage, act as a concierge, pick up dry cleaning, and more.

While different responsibilities are sure to affect the pay, as well as whether or not you can carry a weapon, the average salary for security guards in hotels is about $24,500 per year. Guards are also often required to work on weekends, too.

Quick Facts About Hotel Security Positions

Job Title: Security Guard, or possibly Loss Prevention Officer
Tasks: Protect staff and property on the hotel grounds. Job may require constant walking, or may sit near entrance, or at computer monitor. May also serve as door greeter, give directions, handle luggage, serve as a concierge, be responsible for safety, etc. Will also escort unruly people off of property.
Training: Requires guard certification, weapons training and license if required. High school diploma. CPR and AED training may also be needed.
Special Skills Required: Need to be sociable, calm under difficult circumstances, and physically able to restrain others if necessary.
Salary: Average salary is about $24,000.

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