Security Employment Niches

Security personnel are needed in many different fields – both armed and unarmed. While some jobs in security are more highly visible than other ones, security guards are often needed to help keep property and people secure. Here is a look at a few miscellaneous security jobs that you may want to consider.

Mall Security Jobs

Working at a mall as a security guard may mean that you are working for the mall as a whole, or for a single store. Mall security guards spend most of their time walking through the mall, but some may be at a post – possibly even seated. Some may ride vehicles to get around. They may work part-time or full-time, and can probably expect more hours during the peak seasons. Mall security guards may be uniformed, or dressed as a plainclothesman. They must be sociable, alert, ready to handle problems or emergencies, provide people with directions, help lost children, escort employees to their vehicles after closing, and ensuring that the mall is secure after hours.

Retail Security Jobs

An officer working in retail security jobs is there to ensure the safety of the patrons and the employees. Most likely, they will be in uniform and are alert for theft and property damage. Some retail security guards may be watching monitors to keep on eye on several places at once. They must be ready to quickly detain any shoplifting suspects, which requires that they be physically fit and strong. Some security experience may be necessary before working in this field.

Event Security Jobs

Many places hire security guards to provide security at large public events. This can be at a sports stadium, a concert hall, or other event where a lot of people will be gathering. Their goal is to keep the crowds orderly, to seize illegal or undesirable materials, and make arrests – if needed. Many event security guards are policemen or others who have had experience in law enforcement. Oftentimes, they are looking to make extra money by working some overtime. They may be in or out of uniform.

Cruise Ship Security Jobs

Working as security guard personnel on a cruise ship can offer some things that few other jobs can provide, such as having all your needs provided for, and still get a salary, too. Cruise ship security jobs require that all security needs on board be enforced. They work under a Security Officer. Military experience is preferred and you will need to have extensive experience in firearms and security. Pay is usually between $1,800 and $2,100 per month.

Casino Security Jobs

Security guards who work in casino security jobs are often stationary, watching video monitors. Their main task is to ensure no cheating and enforcement of applicable laws. Some guards may rove the casino or they may take turns between the two positions. They need to be sociable and be able to stay calm under pressure. In an emergency, they take charge to ensure safety. They may detain or arrest troublemakers, and may need to testify in court. Employers often prefer those with previous law enforcement and casino experience.

Quick Facts About Working as a Security Guard

Title: Security Guard
Training Needed: Certification as a security guard; some jobs will require firearms training and possibly law enforcement experience.
Education: High School Diploma or GED.
Tasks May Include: Securing areas, protecting people. Maintaining crowd control, investigations, restraining unruly people, and more. Self-defense training may be needed.
Special Requirements: Needs to be friendly, calm under pressure, physically fit may be constantly walking.
Salary: Varies with the position.

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