Government Security Jobs

Being that the US Government is so large, and has some enemies, Uncle Sam is always looking for ways to keep its property, personnel and secrets protected. As the government continues to expand, so does its need for more experienced security personnel. Government security jobs are a great way for you to get job security, too, and there are plenty of avenues open for job advancement, as well.

Government Security Officer

Government Security Jobs Provide Many Choices

Government security jobs will give you a wide range of possibilities. Jobs can range from being a security guard, an armed escort in places like Iraq or Afghanistan for private contractors, computer security, working as a defense engineer or intelligence analyst, providing facility security, and much more. While some of them will require various levels of clearance, others require no clearance at all.

Special types of security are also available with Department of Homeland Security jobs or Airport Security jobs (TSA). Other government agencies that offer security positions include the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the DoD, OPSEC, the DIA, and many more.

Security Clearances Are Often Necessary in Government Security Jobs

Personnel who have been in the military and already possess clearances can easily make the transition into a government security job. It will even be easier if they worked in some form of security while in the service.

If you do not already have a security clearance, getting one will take some time to get approved. The whole process can be completed in as little as three months, but it could take as long as two years. Your potential employer must initiate getting a clearance, and it can involve a very detailed examination of your life, relationships, and finances depending on the level.

Many government security clearance jobs can also be found by location. There is, for instance, a great need for security officers in the Washington, D.C. area, as well as around various military bases. Civilian security personnel with clearances are needed in roles that are supportive of the various military branches.

Students and Entry-Level Employees Can Get Government Security Jobs

College students and entry-level employees can also be hired for Federal Security jobs. The key will be to have a major in Criminology, or in a similar topic, and be able to qualify for a security clearance. Students can get an Internship in their last year of college for a semester, or over the summer.

Working in government security jobs provides you with the potential for an almost unlimited future. Benefits are great, too, and includes health insurance, dental, retirement plan (401(k), long and short term disability, and the option to get voluntary life insurance and other benefits. Retirement is also possible after 20 years. If you desire it, you may also transfer between positions and agencies.

Quick Facts About Government Security Work

Title: Security Guard; Security Guard Manager
Training Needed:

  • Military experience for some positions
  • Security clearance (may take up to two years to get)
  • Will hire entry-level for internships (TSA)
  • Some positions require law enforcement background

Salary: Same as standard government jobs, but may be up to 20% more for overseas jobs.
Advantages of Working with the Government: Many; includes excellent salary and job benefits, great opportunities to be promoted into management. Job security and excellent training. Can get transferred to overseas opportunities, too.

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